Friday, December 11, 2009


So here are the photos from my overnight stay at school. Sophia and I slept on the floor for a bit, but mostly we spent the night dicking around.... Sometimes I think being a dude would be the best thing in the world. It is for certain life would hurt a lot less and I would think a lot less about things, but then again being a woman isn't all that bad. The art of seduction is something we women get to learn and use as a weapon for the rest of our lives.  
Officially there is one more week until the semester ends!!!!  I am well ready to go home in order to finalize some work I need to get done and also for a chance to work in the store and see old friends.  Today it was 7 degrees an
d I almost froze so I bought myself a really cool toboggan and I am excited I think I fit the part quite nice. 
I wanna do something really fun this weekend I am not sure what quite yet, but something will happen I will make it ! 
I just want to be so many places at once right now and none of them are here.. keeps the imagination strong! 
soon enough
xx L

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