Thursday, December 31, 2009

Who are you kissing this new years??

Today has been a overly eventful day in the best kind of way.  We woke up at the crack of dawn today to venture out onto roughly a 4 mile hike in Topanga State Park. We got breathtaking views of the bay and the surrounding areas. We passed a waterfall that had unfortunately dried up and loads of other amazing wildlife. I bonded with a rat, studied carvings in a cactus, and appreciated nature at its face value. There has always been something about nature that quiets my racing mind.  After the morning hike we went to the promenade to find our outfits tonight I rented a gold gypsy sequined bra but decided it was a little to skanky for my liking and went back to a cropped top with spandex.  Sweaty or not at least Ill be comfy. 
p.s I am totally rocking a side pony tail
lots of love to all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 

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