Monday, December 21, 2009

That is so Deep

I arrived safe and sound to my home late last night. I had fresh chili vegetable beef soup my dad had made waiting for me in the refrigerator. Not to mention every leftover I could ever want sitting heaven like in our kitchen.-- I have never been around so much good food at once I am sure my parents think I have been starving myself. 
After reveling in all the delish foods I headed off to see some old friends from high school. I had a blast catching up. I ran around all day today being the town spectacle ,"oohh leighanna how is new york when are you gonna realize the south is better.. dont know how you deal with the heat of things" ... I was exhausted yet I am still miserable sitting at the house. I have not learned how to relax! Tomorrow plans with Kadie and maybe some Christmas shopping??  I wanna go do some photography and hit the gym but I am planning day by day 
xx L

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