Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving and the Sorts

Sorry for the gap in posts, but my computer was being fixed-- I know have a working camera and a working I and 8 key. Not to mention the key board feels soo nice and very assertive when I press a key... love it !
During the holidays I was the laziest I have been in a while, hanging out with close friends upping my pop-culture knowledge watching movie after movie the days just seemed to blur together. We finally managed to get out of the house Thanksgiving day to go buy the groceries we would need to cook for the army of boys that were coming by that evening.  
We bought sausages, bacon, and chicken. I cooked mashed potatoes and deviled eggs and hana made snickerdoodle cookies. By the time everything was ready the girls seemed to already be full or at least I was cause I was secretly snagging food along the way I swear I easily ate 12 eggs that day good thing I went for a jog that morning.
We managed to have one of the best Thanksgivings I can ever remember pulling our friends from all areas and places : Representing the UK: Jed Cullen, Sophia Meleagrou, and Chris , Representing Australia: Joe Simons and Milan, Representing the US: Cory, LeighAnna, Hana,and Peter.  It was a lovely array of some of our closest mates now it is back to full throttle bags sagging from my eyes rushing to the finish line Dec 18th FINALS FOR NOW 
counting down the days until I get to WHISTLER !!!

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