Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nocturnal- Of, relating to, or occurring in the night

It is officially finals time and spending late nights in the lab has come round full force..... I am taking a different turn at this late night occurence by being a rude girl with my james bond 007 international slut sidekick Sophia Meleagrou.  Rounding up a bag of beers, a stop by the bagelsmith and an eventful subway ride later we rented out a private editing room and let the fun times begin. Guzzzling beers at 3, woops, 4, then 5 am with dope speakers.. yes I used the word dope. With not a soul to disturb our fun I couldn't have asked for anymore of a spontaneous activity to break the monotony of my life lately.  So it is fact that I will feel like shit tomorrow .. but parfait let the good times keep rolling ... besides I am soo over this whole semester my head has been in the clouds for a while now... the clouds of Whistler ski village.
all my love,

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