Saturday, December 19, 2009

End of the Semester

First off this is a cool image I found on a fellow bloggers site
a nice vunerable and frail female set off by a frilly tulle tutu
The semester is over and the adventure begins:

New York right now looks like this... a winter not so much wonderland. The snow is piled on the ground and flights are being cancelled left and right. The cold is rather unbearable I have been trying to get away with hiding indoors, but saying goodbye to friends is not conducive to this plan!

I am excited to go home and see my house and stay in my old room-- my flight is tomorrow night fingers crossed it isn't cancelled.

My house is called Tall Pines and it is for proper reason! I hope it is warm enough one day for me to lay in the grass and draw this image that I used to so often look up and see in my backyard. It would be nice to twirl in circles until I fall exhausted and dizzy in the grass.

While home I will get the opportunity to drive my car and for me that is always the highlight 

of going home. Windows down, despite the weather and music blaring there is actually 
nothing better. The best part is I can naturally dry my hair in the wind. I think this will be the first tune I play.

I will also get the chance to see some of my old friends from highschool and find out how life has been unfolding for them

How odd to look back at these photos we were the class of 2008 here not so much anymore... but we find other things to celebrate.

Can't wait to see you guys!

all my love, 

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