Thursday, November 12, 2009

These photos are such a lovely mix of seasons, feelings, places, and experiences all at once. I love things that are expressive especially through color combinations. I find in all these photos I become strangely captivated  and lose my train of thought creating scenarios for each one a mental vacation you could call it:

This photo series makes me feel silly and modern and I want to touch the walls and run my fingers over the door handle. I love the way the light reflects upon the hardwood floors it makes me want to play Boniver and lay in bed and scream things and roll around in the sheets until they come off the bed
I want to hide behind a mask too.

Here I think of the beach and I feel summer and colors and warmth and laying on the moist sand having deep conversations with your best friend watching the stars twinkle and wearing minimal clothing because the sweat is dripping down your back. I feel laughter and I want to throw my arms open wide to the sea and scream and feel free. I want to be those birds 
I have always wished I could fly.

I see a long day kicking your heels off, playing music, taking a candlelit bath. Those giddy feelings you get to see someone and be with someone. Letting your hair down and feeling it tickle your back. Having your shoulders massaged by big strong hands. I feel lust and I see want and desire. It makes me imagine fire burning eyes and passion for life. Frills, tutus and bows.
Taking long deep relaxing breaths.

This one gives me chills and makes me ponder. I love the indefinability of the hallway and the dead tree amongst the live water.  I imagine myself sitting on a cliff all alone,feeling powerful and mustering up the nerve to dive into the cold, cold water. Feel it envelop me like a cloud and carry me, resurfacing me to the top. I think of memories and things I have seen and experienced and want to hold it all so dear to my heart forever. I bet there are chalkboards behind those doors and I want to write cursive, loopy cursive on every single one. I like how chalk flakes like 
dandruff off the stick.
 I also love the dimples in the end of a hotdog

Those are my thoughts for now
a bit of how my brain has been working lately 

the sweetest of kisses, 

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