Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It rains here

I miss the days when you could run fast and hard and if you fell and got covered in mud well that was fine you got right back up

I miss the days when the simplest thing could make you smile/laugh forever

I miss the days when noone was bad and I just wanted to know everyone

you see there is this thing about life I hate and its time .... 
everything is timed--- 
all the best vacations I have ever had ended, 
alot of great people I have known I no longer do, 
and lately I feel a panic to absorb everything so much 
cause I know it will go away ..far far away
Life is so bittersweet in that way where it is fast and hard and hurts like hell every other day 
I am not going to lie I am tired and know no other way then to just float through each day like a zombie coincidentally my halloween costume this year
anyways im hungry and have been wallowing in my bed for tooo long -- think on it

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