Monday, November 9, 2009

I died in your heart
I went to see a friends band play last night and this one was part of the chorus in one of their songs. It is a bit emo, but I feel it has some truth I mean think of the last time you really cared for someone and that impending feeling of doom associated with knowing it always comes to a end.
 I received some wise words from someone I haven't even met yet, but I feel like I have. 
"You have to live where you are ... stop living somewhere you aren't -- it will consume you"
and it has, but then again ...where am I
I have literally doven head first into work lately focusing on perfecting all my projects I am trying to become more of a perfectionist how it is working I am not sure -- in the process fighting off those fleeting and impending punches in the gut that seem to come like contractions closer and closer together 
On another note I watched a horror movie tonight called The Martyrs it was brilliantly executed and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time the story unfolds slowly, yet beautifully like the wings of a butterfly
did you know the most successful people are the happiest and the ones always having fun so what the hell is wrong with me ?? Get on your feet girl
Fuck Bitches Get Money FBGM 
tomorrow night Lower East Side with my wing woman Sophia hopefully it will be a mission accomplished night 
xx L

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