Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The cats away the mice will play

Halloween night we were swine flu hipsters

Joe tried to get in touch with his manly side and be a real Lumberjack Joe after shaving almost all his facial hair and coloring his beard like a dirty sanchez the night was off to a good start
And then there was Jed our sweet, innocent, and loving angel child ! He definetely won the award for the most amazing wings ever

Gossip Squirrel preparing for Lower East side escapades
My favorite guest of all time Stu Van Berkel our party animal 

So here are some photos from what I have been up to lately. Some halloween photos to photos from last nights outing on the Lower East Side. Last night was loads of fun I spent most of the night chatting with Bobby an australian tattoo artist. Good company always makes the night more fun.  
xx L

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