Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It is well time that my pride possession Burriter Frier Johnson be introduced to my blog! She has been featured in my design work and the center of many of our jokes here in our apartment!
Anyways here she is to love and cherish

On the other hand today was registration for classes in my department and I got mostly what I wanted... except the night classes on Monday and Wednesdays. I hate night classes sooo much. The whole process of registration kinda makes me feel like this photo all turned upside down panicky and racing to get the best classes! Its over now though and here is my schedule:

Mondays 6-8:40 pm --Interaction Core Studio
Tuesdays 9-11:40 am --Interaction Core Lab
12-2:40 pm --Print Design 2
Wednesdays 9-11:40 --Creative Computing
3-5:40 pm History of Graphic Design
6-8:40 pm Interaction Core Studio

Looking forward to the new semester, but only after I get my fill of those snowy mountain tops of canada and those faces I have missed so dearly

until then
xx, L

xx L

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