Monday, October 12, 2009

Party in the USA

October is definitely the month for visitors
10/2-10/4 --Collin
10/9-10/11 --Brooke, Emma, Jianna, Hillary
10/19-10/24 Kadie and Leia
10/25- Danielle's Mom
10/29- Sophia's Mom
In other words let the good times roll
We have been to loads of parties lately, making our presence known-- well known in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!
Along the way I have discovered one of my new most played songs Party in the USA thank you Miley Cyrus! I have been doing loads of homework, job work, and party work lately it has been a lovely month thus far can't wait to enjoy more on my birthday only 10 days left
p.s bought my ticket to Whistler today can't wait 
xo L

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