Monday, September 21, 2009

The tides

I have been up to a lot of things lately.... 
for starters NOTICING HOW FREAKING COLD ITS GOTTEN SO QUICKLY (thanks hillary for sending my cardigan back from switzerland would have died already
2) school work - Type type type, Font, font , font one of our professors named his daughter Caslon after the font for crying out loud ... o it will be a interesting year
3) work work-- I got my first paycheck and I can't help but say I am digging the digits O yeh baby
4)I am going to Baltimore this weekend besides we don't have school on Tuesday I love Jewish Holidays
5) Fantasizing about pets I will never have and touching every baby dog i pass on the street
6)Debating between Australia and Italy for where I will study next year any inputs are appreciated

xo L

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