Friday, April 10, 2009

Warming up the House New Zealand Style

With our house warming party right around the corner our Favorite Kiwi ...well Danielle's favorite Kiwi.... arrived with a few wall decorations and trinkets for my amusement.  The tiki and the buzzy bee. Do not get me started cracking jokes on the Buzzy bee a kids toy really??? what was he planning on doing gotta love it! Im sitting with Reece currently mellowing to some New Zealand Jams and reminiscing a bit about Whistler, those good ole days.  
Status update Danielle 1) is passed out in bed 2) emily is passed out in bed 3) sophia and her british loves are out and about the town 4) Reece and I are debating whether or not to hit a local bar ?? 
My house project was hanging the tiki by the door and making it into a key stand I never cease to amaze myself.. jokes all jokes 
Much love for now 
xo L

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