Friday, April 3, 2009

Throw me a bone and I'll fly there and catch it

May 23-June 20
Looks like I will be studying Chinese this summer after all. Traveling with Parson's my university to study design,art, and the language of Chinese at Beijing and Shanghai universities there is no doubt I will be seeing some things I never thought I would.  I can't wait!

London UK
June 20- June 31
After my Eastern culture experience I decided I would stop by and see my roommate/good friend. I'll finally get the opportunity to see the Big Ben and prove that Yes size matters not to mention I can check out those universities I am looking at for Grad school! I have a hard time believing London will be dreary weather while I am there! 

July 1-July 14
After seeing one good friend I need to grease my rusty gears and remember my Spanish. It has been so long since I have studied or had a proper excuse to use it.  I will get to see my Spanish host sister Rocio from last summer who I havent seen in ages! I can't wait for the reunion and one more trip to hookah lane!

July 14-20
Next stop Switzerland I better get some swiss cheese and chocolates! I hope after leaving Spain Danielle's best friend Hillary will take me in for a few days so I can bask in the beauty of this place! The mountains, the skylines, the colors, everything just seems so appealing! Hope this stop works out.

July 20-August 1
After traveling all over Europe it will have been exactly 2 months since I have seen Danielle my Best girl friend and roommate back at school. I will head out to this place I constantly hear Danielle talk about and experience a bit of it for myself as well. If she loves it so much it must be pretty special, the one and only other time I have been to Canada I loved it so I have faith in this experience also!

United States
August 1- August 20

After being gone and not in one place for more than a month at a time it will feel damn good to settle down with some old friends and family for the first time in almost 6 months. I plan on sleeping, laying out, and maybe even some road trips within the states to see some loveys!
Who knows what will happen before I head back to the big city, but all I know is that I will be one big happy busy bee this summer!

With Love,

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