Sunday, March 15, 2009

A little piece of Who I was.....

So lately I have been doing a lot of thinking about Who I am, Who I am supposed to be, If I am in the right spot in my life for me, and why and for what reason it all matters anyways??  During my time off I have never been more bored I have been doing homework I do not have and cannot seem to stop designing --- answer number one change your major so I have decided to change from my BBA in Design and Management to a BFA in Communication Design. I began looking around one of the places I have spent the most time in my life my bedroom; yet, i found myself feeling more lost and detached than ever. Who had I been that in such a short amount of time I had forgotten? The city changes people but the question is for the better or for the worse?  

I realized as I touched, tore, prodded, and disected my room I began to discover that it wasn't that I had changed rather that I had grown .... 

I found that there had been a change that everything at what should be "my home" wasn't and this change was sad everything felt smaller and nothing felt right I felt a sort of resentment towards my old uneducated self. 

I guess in a way I have always known I was never meant to be a small town girl I just didn't know why until this year.... My photography teacher keeps telling me " sometimes the most telling things are the smallest" I see myself looking at all the things I saw everyday, but today I see them differently. 

Keep Moving, L

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