Tuesday, March 24, 2009

La di da, La di da, Lalalalalalalalalalalalalala I CAN"T HEAR YOU!

Shake things up a bit and then watch how they settle . Clarity and ambiguity. Strewn and organized .... the fact is that none of us are any one thing. I have been having a lot of shaking and settling lately with my thoughts and life in general, but I know one thing for sure with Summer around the corner it is getting harder and harder to stay focused on school. Although my plans for the summer are still a toss up between about 25 different things I hope one will pull through! Summer either in the in city or abroad is a definite though.... 

I applied to change my major to Communication Design today... lets cross our fingers! I find i get lost and can express while forgetting about everything else stressful around me. I love all it encompasses....
"Shake and Bake no actually come to think of it I prefer Easy Mac"
"If I could have a super power it would be to fly; fly with real fucking BIG wings, because yes size does matter" 

couldn't have said it better myself Go Big--the bigger the better 

Love L 

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