Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One Large Green Tea for a Couple Hours in Paradise cafe

"People leaving all the time, Inside a perfectly straight line; Don't you wanna curve away? It's such a perfect day. Now the sky could be blue or grey, I don't mind. Without you it is all a waste of time."

One of my favorite local joints has become this little cafe I used to always comment on while passing. I Quote, " O that place is so cute I just love it" Well this fact in matter still stays true to this day except I have actually been inside and eaten there, therefore; can back up the statement. From a friendly staff of people to great teas, snacks, pizzas, and of course muffins I find this place a comforting environment to get homework done. I even used the store lately to complete one of my observation projects it was quite intriguing to listen to some of the conversations and see people's reactions as I snapped their photos.  Gotta love the small businesses in such a large city I know I sure do! 

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