Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shoot the Freak

I've been getting a little sick of  the go go go of the city lately. With school and those crazy cab drivers it was starting to demand to much. So... I got out for the day. I shot the freak. I hopped on the F train and fell asleep. Before I knew it my train had arrived at the Coney Island/Stillwell Avenue stop.  I found it quite refreshing to be in a place where so many memories had been made, yet it was so deserted. Still being located in New York to skip only 11 miles outside of the city and go from horns and sirens to tumbleweeds blowing across the piers, I managed to find a couple wonders of my own. The bitter cold froze my hands and pierced my face, but looking out over water and counting the seagulls ahead it was easy to think everything would be ok.  I learned that the female record for hotdog eating is 38 and the male was 85. I also learned that Alphabet City is located in Brooklyn. Finally I learned there are 833 cracks between my dorm and my school door building. A day full of events love it i just absolutely love it. I've been back to the city for exactly a week today and the mountains are whistling it gets louder everyday.....
Love L

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